Enter check-in date, type of yacht and number of guests at Holimood's homepage.
If you are looking for a particular boat, enter yacht code in the search engine, then you will be directed to charter yacht detail page for more details.
You can find the water activities provided by the boat at “Water Activities” column.
If you want to pay for extra water activities, tick the relevant box when you book the boat.
You can check the facilities provided by boat, such as air-conditioner, fridge, ice, etc, at “Amenities & Service” column in the ship’s page.
Please check whether the boat provide food and beverage free of charge at “Description” column.
You can also order food and beverage through Holimood while booking.
  • Enjoy a free delivery in Sai Kung Pier upon spending $250 on beverage. Click the link for more details:https://en.yacht.holimood.com/product
  • If food or beverage is included on board, you can check the menu at “Meal Menu”.
Boats has their minimum charge but not minimum number of guest. There are two method to calculate the price:
Fixed pricing. The price is consistent no matter how many guests are there. Second method is to charge base on the number of guests. These boats will contain a minimum charge(also called as standard guest number).
For example, the standard guest number for a boat is 20 people. No matter there are 2 guests or 20 guests, you still have to pay its minimum charge $5800. If the number of guests is greater than 20 people, you will be charged additionally for each person.
Now is the most popular season for yacht charter, so we would recommend to book the yacht as soon as possible. For Saturday, Sunday and public holiday, the booking will be full about one month before. We will suspend the trading of the boat for 24 hours once you send booking request. After paying the deposit (30%~50%) in this 24 hours, we will close the deal to confirm your booking.
After the minimum charge, children under age 3 will not be charged (but maximum number is usually 2-3). Children above 3 will be calculated as adult. For more details, please refer to “children charge” at charter detail page.
The rent hours differ from boats to boats, but most likely they follow the below standard.
For day boats, the rental time is 8 hours. (begin from 9am-10am)
For night yachts, the rental time is 4 hours. (begin from 6pm-7pm)
You can view the photos of boats at the charter yacht detail page. Click on the photo and use the arrow to browse other photos.
Each boat has their own cancellation policy and bad weather arrangement.
Check the arrangement details at “cancellation policy” and“bad weather arrangement” columns.
Please refer to “Rules” of the boat. Indoor smoking is forbidden in Hong Kong.
Pets are welcome to go onboard in some boats. Please refer to “Rules” and “Optional Service” for the additional charge of pets and the maximum number of pets. You can also search for“Pet Allowed”boats using “filter by’ function.
Please refer to “Bays”for the free and charged bay option. Bad weather and storm will affect the berthable bay. Your captain will have the final decision on sailing.
You can directly book online or whatsapp +852 54063347 to make reservation with our CS team. Once your booking is accepted, you need to pay the deposit (30%-50%) within 24 hours.
There are 4 ways to pay your deposit: 1. Bank transfer 2. Credit Card 3. Alipay 4. Cash (Holimood office).
For the remaining balance, please settle on the sailing date or before disembarkation according to the individual boarding instruction in confirmation email. Remember to bring sufficient cash if you need to pay on board!
If you want to update number of guests or add any additional service, such as water sport, please contact us 5 days before on board, and finish payment before deadline. Otherwise Holimood is not responsible for any loss.