WG01D City Day Junk


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● City Junk, best choice for junk boat party and suitable for various parties.
● Free water activities :floatinh noodles & floating beer pong mat. Can add $800 for inflatable trampoline. 
● Equipped with air-conditioner, karaoke & sound system.
● Maximum capacity : 57 guests. Hop aboard and drop off at city piers.
● Please contact us for quotation of renting a boat for watching the Dragon Boat race on site.

Yacht Information

Size: 71 ft
Rent Hours: 8 Hours
Earliest Boarding Time: 10:00 AM
Latest Alighting Time: 18:00 PM
Max Guests: 57
Language: Cantonese , English, Mandarin
Down Payment: 50%

Water Activities

● Floating Beer Pong Mat
● Floating noodles

● Water trampoline (+$800.00)
● Speedboat Package (Wakeboard/ banana boat) (+$3800.00)

F & B

Thai cuisine ( $95 each )

Boneless Hainan Chicken
Spicy and sour boneless chicken feet
Thai Fish cake
Boneless pork knuckle
Spiced salt chicken wings
Thai minced pork with rice
Pan-fried noodles with soy sauce and bean sprouts
Thai pan-fried assorted vegetables
Coconut Sago Pudding in Pandan leaves
Chiffon cake
Mineral water

Vietnamese cuisine ( $95 each )

Viet paper wrap chicken
Spicy and sour Vietnamese sausage salad
Viet cane shrimp
Viet spring roll
Buttered chicken wings
Viet Pho with pork chop
Vietnamese sausage fried rice
Thai pan-fried assorted vegetables
Viet coconut pudding
Chiffon cake
Mineral water

Japanese cuisine ( $95 each )

Boneless soy sauce chicken
Cold platter (seaweed salad, baby octopus, spicy whelk)
Grilled chicken skewers
Deep-fried chicken wings
Fried ramen with assorted seafood
Onion and beef rice
Cuttlefish cake
Fried vegetables
Mango mochi
Chiffon cake
Mineral water

Mixed Drink Package ( $1500 each )

Water (bottle) x 48
Soft Drink (can) x 48 (Random)
Beer x 48 (can)
Red Wine x2
White Wine x2
Plastic Cup

Alcoholic Drink Package ( $3000 each )

Beer (can) x 96
Red Wine x 6
White Wine x 6
Water (bottle) x 48
Plastic Cup

Luxury Alcoholic Package ( $3800 each )

Beer x 48
Red Wine x 6
White Wine x 6
Sparking Wine x 6
Water x 48
Soft drink x 48
Plastic Cup

*Food menu is subject to change, boat owners reserve the rights of any adjustment for the above menus.
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