Alcoholic free-flow & Thai food junk package $600/head up

According to the latest social-distancing rules relaxation on 27 April 2021, six types of venues including (chartered pleasure vessels) will be permitted to reopen. Customers have to follow the latest epidemic prevention measures and maximum number of guest should be reduced to half of the upper limit of the venue. Otherwise, customers need to bear the associated legal risks.


Availability updated daily instant

● Price include Thai food & alcohol free-flow drinks .
●$600/head (Weekdays, 20 pax up), $750/head (Weekend & Public Holiday, 25 pax up)
● City Junk. It is suitable for different types of water parties and family activities.
● Water Sports: Water trampoline,  Water seesaw, Speedboat Package (Wakeboard/ banana boat), Flyboard  etc
●  Add-ons: Thai massage, $2,500 for  8 hours,10 to 15 minutes per session.
● Maximum capacity : 38 guests. Hop aboard and drop off at city or city piers.
● Selected junk boat will be arranged based on the number of guest, pics just for reference.

Yacht Information

Size: 19.25 m
Rent Hours: 8 Hours
Earliest Boarding Time: 10:00
Latest Alighting Time: 18:00
Max Guests(50%): 19
Language: Cantonese , English, Mandarin
Down Payment: 50%

Price Description

2021-04-09 to 2021-10-31
● Mon to Fri: 20 persons or below HK$12000, +HK$600/extra head
● Sun,Sat: 25 persons or below HK$18750, +HK$750/extra head
2021-5-1, 5-19, 6-14, 7-1, 9-22, 10-1, 10-14
● 25 persons or below HK$18750, +HK$750/extra head

Child charges

● Children under age 5 will not be charged(Maximum 2)

Payment Arrangement

● Deposit is needed to confirm booking. Settle remaining due at least 3 days before sailing date.
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Water Activities

● Floating noodles

● Flyboard (coach) /per hour (minimum 2 hour,Deep Water Bay only) (+$2000.00 each)
● Water trampoline (+$1000.00)
● Water seesaw (+$1000.00)
● Speedboat Package (Wakeboard/ banana boat) (+$3800.00 each)
● Kayaking (+$500.00)
● Thai Massage (+$2500.00)
● Inflatable slide (+$2500.00)

F & B


以下套餐包括 一名侍應船上製作
this package with a waiter/waitress
- Sanck and Appetisers
1. 泰式米紙卷 Poh Piah Sod A fresh spring roll with cucumber , carrot,Thai Basil and sweet Chili sauce

2.烤燒豬頸肉 Khor Moo Yang Tender Slices of marinated pork neck served with a spicy sauce

- Salads

3.青木瓜沙律 Som Tum Thai Shredded green papaya salad with lemon dressing

- Curries
4.青咖喱雞 Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai Thai Green Coconut Curry Chicken
-Classics and Rice

5.泰式炒肉碎 Phad Kaprao Gai/Moo/Nuer Minced meat stir-fried with chili and basil with pork

6.菠蘿雞粒炒飯 Khao Op Sapparod Fresh pineapple fried rice with chicken , cahew nuts and fine dried shredded Chicken

7.泰式炒米粉 Thai -style noodles ,stir-fried rice vermicelli seasoned with cfurry powder ,with Pork ,bean sprouts ,pak choi soy sauce, and sliced chilli peppers

跟餐奉送 生果拼盤 , 布朗尼朱古力 及 泰國絲苗白飯
Fruit platter, Brownies and jasmine rice included with the above package.

Free Drinks ( Free )

Sea Breeze Cocktail,
Philippine San Miguel beer
White & Red Wine
Vodka & Rum
Cranberry Juice
Grapefruit juice
Mix Soft Drinks
Mineral Water

*Food menu is subject to change, boat owners reserve the rights of any adjustment for the above menus.
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