Hoverboard (Deep Water Bay, 2 hour rental)


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●2 Hour Hoverboard rental (around 10-15 mins per session, extra rental hour is available)
●Only accept booking on Sat, Sun and Public holiday from May to October. 
●For boat trip customers, yacht(s) must be parked in Deep Water Bay.

Jet Ski champion Franky Zapata of ZAPATA RACING used only a year to develop the FLYBOARD. Through continuous research and improvement, in January this year officially launched in Europe Flyboard, stunning the world. 

The Flyboard® / Hoveboard is a watersports apparatus which allows propulsion underwater and in the air, it could be compared to a powered wakeboard. The Flyboard® comes complete with the Electronic Management Kit which allows operation of the PWC throttle, kill switch and starter from the Flyboard®. This method allows for better flight precision and its intuitive use provides the Flyboard® Operator exceptional sensations. The Flyboard® is a machine which allows propulsion underwater and in the air. 

Its intuitive use provides you exceptional sensations. 
After a few minutes you can already move underwater like a dolphin and challenge the gravity like a superman! 

As explained previously the Flyboard® / Hoveboard is very intuitive: similar to learning to ride a bike, waterski, surfing, skating or any other activity that requires a little balance. Between 5 to 20 minutes are needed to learn the basics of the Flyboard® with an instructor. It takes about 3 hours of training to master the maneuvers and understand the operation of the Flyboard®. Find your balance and you will be flying like a bird or swimming through the water like a dolphin! 

other thing you need to know about Flyboard / Hoveboard ... 
the Flyboard boot size adjusts from Men Size 6 to 12. Larger size boots are available at request. For sizes 6, they can use neoprene socks. With the Flyboard Kit you will need a Flyboard Certified Operator or Instructor on the Jet Ski to power the Flyboard. With the Electronic Management Kit, you will be able to operate the Flyboard by yourself, but we require that a person be on the jet ski as a spotter in case of emergency. 

There is 350lb weight restriction to use the Flyboard. For a large person, the more horsepower the Jet Ski will have to be. Example: Someone weighs 255 pounds can fly up to 29.5 feet and travel proximately 18.5 miles per hour, with a 255 horsepower Jet Ski. On a 100 horse Jet Ski that same person can fly up to 13 to 16.5 feet and travel proximately 8 to 10.5 miles per hour. 

Yacht Information

Size: / ft
Rent Hours: 2 Hours
Earliest Boarding Time: 12:00 PM
Latest Alighting Time: 18:30 PM
Max Guests: 8
Language: Cantonese , English, Mandarin
Down Payment: 100%

Price Description

2018-09-12 to 2019-12-31
● Sun to Sat: 10 persons or below $3000

Payment Arrangement

● Deposit is needed to confirm booking. Settle remaining due at least 7 days before sailing date.
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Piers and bays



Southern District
● Deep Water Bay (On Sea/ Non-regular Pier)

Bays (destination)


Southern District
● Deep Water Bay
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Optional Service

● Extra service hour(s) (+$1500.00)

Things to note before booking

● Upon reservation confirmation, any changes or cancellation will be subjected to the cancellation/bad weather policy.
● Once the booking is confirmed, extra service and the number of boarding guests cannot be cancel or modified as less than that of the reservation, customers will still have to pay according to the original number of guests.
● Additional fee per person will be charged if the number of boarding guests exceed that of the reservation. If the number of boarding guests is less than that of the reservation, customers will still have to pay according to the original number of guests.
● Please notify us in advance if hirer would like to bring extra equipments on board, included but not limited to audio, cookware equipment. Otherwise, owner has the right to refuse.
● It is illegal to take,smoke, inhalat, ingest or inject dangerous drug on board. The owner has the right to terminate the day's itinerary immediately.
● Cruise destination will be subjected to the weather condition on the boarding day, any additional fee will be paid to the owner directly.
● The price listed on website is only for entertainment use, for other special use such commercial promotion or wedding party, please contact us for price quotation.
● If service providers are unable to offer the free facilities and service listed, service providers would try the best to provide an alternative which can provide same level service and facilities, though the compensation is not guarantee. If the service providers are unable to offer the extra paid facilities and service, guests can accept the arrangement or reject the offer to receive a full refund of the extra payment.
● The hirer shall be responsible to meet the cost of repairing any damage caused to the yacht, and of repairing or reinstating or replacing any its parts damaged or destroyed (fair wear and tear excepted), stolen or removed during the use of the yacht.
● Followed by the Hong Kong Ordinances, it is mandatory to have a 3rd party boat insurance coverage for your boat. But customers should take care for their own properties. Our company is not responsible for any damages or loss. Please seek for police's help if needed.
● Customers can purchase extra insurances if it is needed.

Bad Weather Arrangement

1. For safety reason, vessel owners reserve all rights to cancel or reroute the boat trip in terms of the adverse weather condition.

2. Boat trip remains scheduled when:
i) Typhoon signal 1 or Red rainstorm signal are hoisted
ii) 2 hours before departure, higher number of Typhoon signal changes to Typhoon signal 1 or Black rainstorm signal changes to Red rainstorm signal
Customers should stay contact with vessel owners to confirm all arrangements when adverse weather occurs.

3. If the Black rainstorm signal or Typhoon signal 3 or above is hoisted 2 hours before the scheduled, the trip is allowed to reschedule, and no refund. If the trip is on April to September, customer can only reschedule the trip to a date in or after October in the same year for free, for the same weekdays or weekends as the original while the fee difference will not be returned. If the trip is on October to March, it can be changed to a date within 3 months for free, for the same weekdays or weekends as the original while the fee difference will not be returned. Extra service charge may applied to a date not satisfy the requirement above (Please contact vessel owners for details). All rescheduling is subjected to availability of the boat.

4. Followed by the Hong Kong Shipping Ordinances and for safety reason, when the Black rainstorm signal or Typhoon signal 3 or above is hoisted during the rental hours, vessel owners reserve the right to return at an earlier time than scheduled. No compensation and refund will be provided.

5. Customers have to pay extra cost for the ordered beverages and extra items charged due to the cancellation and reschedule.

6. Refund is not allowed under any circumstance. All rearrangement should be settled within 7 days (starting from the scheduled date for boat trip), otherwise considered as demission.

7. The pick-up point may change due to the weather condition, it is required to follow vessel owners' advises.

8. Customer can only reschedule the date for once.

Cancellation Policy

No Cancellation
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Such an awesome and almost futuristic experience. I have never tried anything like this before, and it was great fun. Though it takes some time to really find your balance, it is a blast being up in the air like that! Some restrictions to be aware of: only available in Deep Water Bay and only available on weekends and public holidays. There is also probably a weight restriction.