NW02A IAG 102 Luxury Superyacht (Tailor-made charter)

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● Luxury yacht for hire, suitable for weddings, launching parties etc.
● Equipped with spacious upper deck, luxurious salon ETC.
● Maximum capacity: 38 guests. Hop aboard and drop off at city.



Yacht Information

Size: 102 ft
Rent Hours: 8 Hours
Earliest Boarding Time: 08:00
Latest Alighting Time: 23:45
Max Guests: 38
Language: Cantonese , English, Mandarin
Down Payment: 100%

Price Description

Weekday: $95000 up
Weekend: $95000 up

Payment Arrangement

● At the time of boarding, guests are required to pay the remaining amount in cash.


Available Unavailable

Amenities & Service

● Ice Bucket
● Air-conditioner
● Outdoor Shower
● Kitchen
● Bedroom
● Changing room
● Showering area
● Washroom
● Wine glasses
● Fridge
● Induction stove
● Television
● Basic kitchen utensils


【Boat Trip】Victoria Harbour→Clear Water Bay

Clear Water Bay has clean water quality and a quiet environment. It is a good choice for Sai Kung boat trip. Departing from Victoria Harbour to Clear Water Bay, you are able to see different beautiful view, such as High Junk Peak and Tung Lung Chau. Then, you are going to enjoy different water activities and meal (self pay) on boat in Clear Water Bay.

【Boat Trip】Victoria Harbour→Southern Waters

Deep Water Bay, Repluse Bay and Stanley are the hottest location for boat trip. They are close to go, which makes you have time for water activities.

After boarding at pier in Victoria Harbour, it takes around 75 minutes to Deep Water Bay/ Repluse Bay/ Stanley.

Deep Water Bay is deep enough for surfing and sailing. The flat sea bed and shallow waters in Repluse Bay is safe for water activities. The calm wave and wind also makes Stanley an ideal place for boat trip. You can enjoy different water activities and food on boat (self pay).

On the return journey, you can also enjoy the entertainment facilities on the boat and enjoy the scenery of Hong Kong Island and Southern District along the way.

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✘ No smoking
✘ No pets
✘ Cannot throw cake
✘ Cooking is not allowed

Things to note before booking

Rental terms

Due to the repeated occurrence of Covid-19 virus, all website users must agree & accept the following terms for making the reservation.

"No refund for all confirmed booking. If the service fails to deliver due to the anti-epidemic policy by the government, reservation can only be rescheduled according to the guidelines issued by Holimood and no refund will be provided."

  1. Once the booking is confirmed, selected extra service and the number of guests cannot be cancel or modified as less than that of the reservation. Please update the number of guests at least five days prior to the trip.
  2. Number of guests on board should not exceed the maximum number of guest of the boat.
  3. Additional fee per person may be charged (according to the price description) if the number of boarding guests exceed that of the reservation. If the number of boarding guests is less than that of the reservation, Lessees will still have to pay according to the original number of guests.
  4. Notification is needed in advance if lessees would like to bring large equipment on board, included but not limited to audio, cookware equipment and etc. Otherwise, vessel owners reserve the right to refuse.
  5. Please arrive the pier on time. Booking will be automatically terminated if lessees do not show up after two hours of the designated time. Lessees should still pay the full rent as agreed.
  6. Routes will be subjected to the weather condition on the boarding day, any additional fee will be paid to the vessel owner directly.
  7. The price listed on website is only for entertainment use, for other special use such commercial promotion or wedding party, please contact us for price quotation.
  8. The lessees shall be responsible to meet the cost of repairing any damage caused to the boat, and of repairing or reinstating or replacing any its parts damaged or destroyed (fair wear and tear excepted), stolen or removed during the use of the boat.
  9. If service providers are unable to offer the free facilities and service listed, service providers would try the best to provide an alternative which can provide same level service and facilities, though the compensation is not guarantee. If the service providers are unable to offer the extra paid facilities and service, guests can accept the arrangement or reject the offer to receive a refund of the extra paid service.
  10. If mechanical problems occur during the trip, captains should send guests back with all efforts. If the usage time had reached half of the total rental time, or the vessel had arrived the desired destination, rescheduling will not be offered. Bookings can only be rescheduled to weekdays, or proportionally refunded.
  11. Lessees should take care for their own properties. Holimood & Vessel Owners are not responsible for any damages or loss. Please seek for police's help if needed.
  12. Lessees can purchase extra insurances if it is needed.

Bad Weather Arrangement

  1. For safety reason, vessel owners reserve all rights to cancel or reroute the boat trip in terms of the adverse weather condition.
  2. Boat trip remains scheduled when: i) Typhoon signal 1 or Red rainstorm signal are hoisted ii) 2 hours before departure, higher number of Typhoon signal changes to Typhoon signal 1 or Black rainstorm signal changes to Red rainstorm signal Customers should stay contact with vessel owners to confirm all arrangements when adverse weather occurs.
  3. If the Black rainstorm signal or Typhoon signal 3 or above is hoisted 2 hours before the scheduled, the trip is allowed to reschedule, and no refund. If the trip is on April to September, customer can only reschedule the trip to a date in or after October in the same year for free, for the same weekdays or weekends as the original while the fee difference will not be returned. If the trip is on October to March, it can be changed to a date within 3 months for free, for the same weekdays or weekends as the original while the fee difference will not be returned. Extra service charge may applied to a date not satisfy the requirement above (Please contact vessel owners for details). All rescheduling is subjected to availability of the boat.
  4. Followed by the Hong Kong Shipping Ordinances and for safety reason, when the Black rainstorm signal or Typhoon signal 3 or above is hoisted during the rental hours, vessel owners reserve the right to return at an earlier time than scheduled. No compensation and refund will be provided.
  5. Customers have to pay extra cost for the ordered beverages and extra items charged due to the cancellation and reschedule.
  6. Refund is not allowed under any circumstance. All rearrangement should be settled within 7 days (starting from the scheduled date for boat trip), otherwise considered as demission.
  7. The pick-up point may change due to the weather condition, it is required to follow vessel owners' advises.
  8. Customer can only reschedule the date for once.

Cancellation Policy


  1. Rescheduling is not allowed if the departure date is less than 2 weeks (except rearrangement due to bad weather). No cancellation & refund is allowed for confirmed booking.
  2. Lessee can only reschedule the trip to a date in or after October in the same year for free. Extra 40% of the rental price will be collected as service charge for rescheduling before October. All rescheduling is subjected to availability of the boat.
  3. If the original departure date is on weekday, the rescheduled day must be on weekday. If it is on weekend, the rescheduled day must be on weekend. Charge may be applied for rescheduling.
  4. Lessees can only reschedule for once.
  5. Lessees cannot select other vessels when they change their booking.
  6. No cancellation or rescheduling is allowed for the ordered food & beverages.
  7. If the vessel fails to operate due to mechanical error, the owner will notify the lessees for rescheduling or replace with a vessel in similar standard or lessees can refund.
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